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Wikaniko has been the proud winner of the ‘Best Direct Selling Opportunity’ award and is a fantastic opportunity to help people with 100s of eco-friendly products at wholesale prices. Since Blue Planet’s shocking expose of the damage being done to the world’s oceans by plastic, everyone is looking to improve their ‘green credentials’.

Wikaniko pledges that none of its products have been tested on animals but it is packed with things that people seriously want to buy – and use every day. There is a gap in this market a mile wide as more and more people are conscious of their carbon footprint and keen to go green.  From organic baby shampoo to probiotic supplements, from sustainable cleaning products in recyclable packaging to all the leading eco-brands, Wikaniko has something for everyone who cares. And everyone cares now. It is a perfect fit for a person who cares.

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Extra income opportunities for carers with Wikaniko

Opportunities For You To Earn Extra Income

You can focus on products you are particularly interested in and work in your own time, making if perfect for a carers looking to earn extra income, knowing that you are offering people the chance to buy trusted products at wholesale prices.

Wikaniko has a clear programme for distributors, offering help with a training programme and online community. You sell through a website – no door knocking here. There is a modest £24.95 setup cost – covering training and your online shop – and, after that, you pay £4.95 a month to be part of the team. From there the world is your oyster and sell away.

But Wikaniko wants to help you make a success, so you can count on their support as well as Extra Income for Carers


Key Points

Extra Earnings for You

There are small ongoing costs to help maintain a website they set up for you, but remember if done right you could be making up to £500 a month!

Work Around Your Carer Hours

This is run all online and word of mouth so you can run this from anywhere at anytime making it perfect for carers. You chose the hours you work.

Not For You? You Can Stop Any Time

You can cancel this anytime if you are not happy or not making the sort of money you hoped.  But remember it may take a while to pick up steam.




Hear More From Wikaniko

As part of their business, Wikaniko is committed to helping you build something worthwhile – by helping the people in your local community. There are alternatives to supermarket standard products that are environmentally-friendly and do a really good job as well.

People increasingly want them, they are better for the environment and you can play a part in that. On top of the opportunity to earn extra cash, being part of Wikaniko means being part of your local community – making friends, building relationships.

For more information on the products they provide please follow the link. 

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