Earn Extra Income With Utility Warehouse 

Utility Warehouse – The Discount Club – is a long-established brand. Its advertising is even headed up by Joanna Lumley, who champions older people’s rights and challenges injustice. And it offers a fantastic chance to earn extra money, in your time while meeting new people, developing new skills and, very importantly, helping others. It absolutely meets Extra Income for Carers’ criteria for a worthwhile operation.

We have had a long and happy association with Utility Warehouse and believe it represents a tremendous opportunity for carers looking for extra income. 

For customers, the key benefit of Utility Warehouse is that the organisation takes the worry off users – the worry over bills and payments and tariffs. Confusion over charging and different rates means a lot of people, especially the elderly, are still using the old standard tariffs for gas and electric. It is costing them huge sums of money annually.



Carers earn extra income through Utility Warehouse  


 Opportunities for carers to earn extra income

Opportunities For You To Earn Extra Income

Utility Warehouse already has 600,000 happy customers – proving that this is a product people want. But there is considerable further scope for expansion, which is where you come in. The company calls its partners the Purple Army , they are very much part of the corporate team and enjoy the benefits of meeting other people. It is a real chance to make new friends as well as boost your income, with hundreds of events each year to choose from.

What this means for you is for every member you sign up and for as long as they use the service, you get paid a percentage of what they spend. And for every milestone you hit their are bonuses on offer to you!  Throughout the process you are not on your own, Utility warehouse have a great support and training service and if you sign up through us we will be there to help along the way.



Extra Earnings for You

The more people you sign up the more money you earn. And as long as they use the service you get a commission on what they spend. 

Work Around Your Carer Hours

This is perfect for working around carer hours, as you pick the hours that you work and once up and running will make money even when you sleep.

Not For You? You Can Stop Any Time

If you decide its not for you, you can leave anytime you want. You can wind your business down or let it tick over as long as you want.




More From Utility Warehouse

Teachers, mortgage brokers, secretaries, pensioners and sales consultants have all earned extra money as Utility Warehouse partners. And we believe people working in the care industry are likely to make a great success of this opportunity.

As a Utility Warehouse Partner, you can help people you know by making sure they are not being ripped off for utilities. The company offers phone and broadband, mobile and energy services to customers – all under one roof. And the more services they take, the more money they save. They can earn cash back too – at dozens of retailers which are partnered with the company, including leading supermarkets such as Sainsbury and online retailers such as Ebay.

If you want to find out more follow the link provided to see what they have to offer.

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