Earn Extra Income With hempSMART

hempSMART is a major US-owned company with a mission to create the largest health and wellness enterprise in the world.

According to the website, hempSMART products work. They are backed by scientific research and the company is overloaded with endorsements.

hempSMART products fall into the following categories:

  • More Energy
  • Pain Solutions
  • Mental Clarity
  • Restful Sleep
  • Feeling Content
  • Emotional Support
  • Health Freedom




 Opportunities to earn extra income with Isagenix

Opportunities For You Earn Extra Income

hempSMART is a goal driven organisation. It says 'No matter the goal, we provide systems to accomplish outcomes.'

With hempSMART you become an associate helping your clients buy online.  Its a great investment.  If you have the time, personality and the contacts to push the products and can be a great money earner for carers looking to earn extra income.



Extra Earnings for You

This one works more like an investment, but if done right can bring in some nice profit to make up your extra income.

Work Around Your Care Hours

You can decide when you sell as you have control of the products you bring in. Whether you run product parties or sell through word of mouth you can work the hours that suit you.  

Not For You? 

Its up to you when you stop. You buy as much discounted product as you want and when you want to stop just stop stocking the products.




Hear More From hempSMART

We believe creating a life is very different from making a living. And helping others rise is the foundation of what we do, one relationship at a time. Hope is all around us and solutions are our business.

Whether you simply want to live a life of vitality and optimal health or create a world class organization that creates freedoms and choices others only dream of, you will find a culture with hempSMART of people sharing and coming together to do amazing things and make a huge difference.

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  Connecting Carers and Businesses

Here at Extra Income For Carers we offer advice and services to connect business to people that care, wanting to earn that extra income. If you cant find a business that suits you or you are a business looking for associates to promote your products/ services, we would love to hear from you! By following the links bellow you can get in contact with us and we can help you get in contact with the people you need while offering advice.



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 Please note the companies we work with are genuine and honest but please always bear in mind this disclaimer...

It is illegal for a participant or promoter in a trading scheme to persuade others to make a payment by promoting benefits from getting other people to join a trading scheme. Do not make misleading claims. Do not be misled by others making claims that high earnings can be easily achieved. Commissions are generated by the sale of products to end user customers.